Brooklyn Comedian and Author Laura Lane on Having A Bustling Social Life With A Baby In Tow

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As a comedy writer, performer, journalist and author, Laura Lane has always been a creative who found inspiration in New York City. She co-created This Is Why You’re Single, a comedy sketch show, podcast, and book, all about the hilarious trials and tribulations of dating in the city. The talented writer went on to create another sketch show, Femme Fairy Tales, which premiered at UCB in June 2017. 


When Lane got pregnant, she didn’t slow down and even performed in a two-piece princess costume at nearly nine months pregnant. And she still hasn’t with her now one-year-old son Rilo.


“New York is such a special place. I feel so lucky because there is such a great support system in Brooklyn and so many options for working moms,” said Lane. “The parent community is incredible. I’ve met lifelong friends in my prenatal yoga and pilates classes at Kula Yoka and East River Pilates, and now we’re watching our babies grow up together.”



Lane revealed there’s also a Slack channel for babies born in the same season that live in either Williamsburg or Greenpoint. She uses that networking to plan meetups with other parents three or four times a week. 


“Feeling isolated because none of my friends had babies was one of my biggest fears going into motherhood. Now, I’ve met some of the greatest friends,” she said. “We’ve done weekends upstate with our partners, picnics, lunches, art classes and double dates.”


Not only does Lane have the support she needs to balance career ambitions with baby bonding time, but also loves that she can incorporate Rilo into her social life. 


“In a few hours I can take my son to a music class, grab lunch, meet some friends in the park for a quick play date, grab groceries at Whole Foods and go shopping,” she said. “Everything I need is within a ten to fifteen block radius. When I’m in LA visiting family, I can maybe swing two of those things.”


As far as some of Lane’s baby date favorites, she has a bunch. “I try to stay very active with Rilo and not get too crazy about the schedule,” she said. Here are some of her go-to spots:


1. Museums (Met Breuer, MoMA, Guggenheim, New Museum, Brooklyn Museum)

“We try to do a museum at least once every other week and for a while we were doing museum Fridays,” she said. “My husband is an artist, so I want art to be a big part of his life. He loves looking at the colors and shapes, and it’s fun for me because I love seeing new exhibitions and it’s special seeing art through his eyes.”


2. The Wild

“It’s a very wonderful baby store in Greenpoint with lots of eco-friendly and indie designers and products, and they have incredible classes for moms and babies,” she said. “Rilo and I love the music classes, and my husband has joined me for a baby massage class, fourth-trimester class, baby carrier classes, and much more. My favorite music class right now that Rilo loves is called Music for Aardvarks.”


3. Eckford Street Studio

“They have baby art class where the babies paint with fruit,” she said. “It’s very adorable.”


4. McCarren Park and Domino Park

“I love getting outside with him,” said Lane. “Especially during picnic season!”


5. Shanti Shack and Kula Yoga

“We did a lot of postnatal yoga classes together that my doula Aimee Karr taught, and we love eating at the cafe Shanti Shack inside,” she said. “All the foods are delicious, healthy, and made with love by the owner Brownie.”


6. North 3rd Market

“We’ll pop down to the market for food together,” revealed Lane. “It’s miraculously never busy, and now they have baby classes a few days of the week like Puppetsburg.”



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