Inside one of New York City’s fastest-growing neighborhoods…for families!


Cobblestone streets, converted industrial lofts and great schools—really, what city parent wouldn’t want that? And that’s exactly why so many are flocking to Tribeca, the latest kid-friendly hotspot.


The fact is, Tribeca has always been a Manhattan shapeshifter. Recently “TriBeCa,” the “Triangle Below Canal Street,” has undergone another total transformation, completely morphing from what it was in the early 2000s. The good news? Some of our favorite features – the art scene, expansive industrial architecture and, of course, a super chill vibe remain. But with more and more families hitting this tony neighborhood, we’re now seeing Tribeca in a whole new light. Here’s why…


Kids love it here

Tribeca easily ranks among go-tos like the Upper East Side and Upper West Side when it comes to kid-friendliness—and that’s saying A LOT. Tribeca, once a stomping ground for artists, still has an artistic whimsy about it—and because it’s one of the priciest zip codes in the country, it also feels upscale and on-trend. It’s an amazing combination and one that’s led the area to turn from exclusively Wall Streeters and artists to double strollers and homemade goldfish crackers.

Today, Tribeca is a sought-after spot for families with a strong sense of community, safety, and fun—it’s easy to find playgroups, parks and kid-friendly activities. From Hudson River Park to NY Kids Club to Playgarden, Little Gym and even the New York International Children’s Film Festival, the action never stops, even for the toddler set.


Unique families = unique homes

Tribeca is known for its spacious apartments and lofts—a huge win for any NYC family. Because of its history as an industrial neighborhood and artist community, there are plenty of now-renovated mercantile buildings—and that means huge apartments that are ultra-hip and super high-end. If you’re craving a chic loft space, full floor or something that just feels a little more “city,” Tribeca could be the perfect fit.


We have it alleven a film festival

World-class shopping. The best brunch hangouts in Manhattan (hello, Bubby’s). Exclusive spa treatments and organic polishes in every hue. Michelin-star restaurants run by mega-celebrity chefs. Oh, and that little thing called the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s, literally, all here—and then some. No wonder so many celebrities call this spot “home,” at least part-time—live here and celeb neighbors will include Meg Ryan, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, among countless others.


You can opt for an A+ private school—but you don’t have to

Tribeca is home to some of the highest-ranked public schools in the state, including P.S. 234—Independence School—and the Tribeca Learning Center, P.S. 150. Admission to the latter is lottery-based (it’s small—there’s just one class per grade) but preference is given to Tribeca families and siblings of current students.

Universal preK—“UPK”—is also thriving in Tribeca with free preK options including P.S. 150 and NY Preschool Tribeca, plus several other sought-after spots.


Then there’s the commute (or lack thereof…)

Work in finance? You’re in luck. Tribeca is quick commute—a walk, even—to and from the financial district and World Trade. And even if your commute isn’t so quick, you’ll have no trouble making it to your desk by 9—14 subway lines run through the neighborhood, plus tons of buses.


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