Growing up in NYC has its perks!


It’s a fact: city kids are different. Growing up in the hustle and bustle has some serious advantages but, beyond that, it also comes with some serious lessons learned that can only happen if you’re born and raised here. And, as city parents—many who were once city kids—we have to admit we’re more than a little proud when our kids show these tell-tale signs of an urban upbringing.


#1. How to navigate the urban landscape
Uptown, downtown, crosstown—our kids could rattle off directions to the Museum of Natural History before they could walk, and would eagerly recite the next stop of the 4/5 by preK.


And, besides the appeal of having a co-pilot for our latest and greatest city adventure, sometimes all it takes is an enthusiastic subway rider—AKA our kids—to remind us why living here is so great. They’re pumped to take the subway regardless of rush hour traffic, cramped conditions and the fact that we have to haul the double stroller up and down the subway stairs again…


#2. How to interpret those announcements
And speaking of subway rides, our kids can interpret those garbled subway announcements with the best of them. Sick passenger? Police activity up ahead? Stalled train? They’ve been there, done that and got stuck underground in the process, so they know when to pull out the headphones and when to find an alternative route to that playdate.


#3. How to mix and mingle like pros
Maybe it’s growing up in an apartment building or sharing their “backyard” with millions of other kids, but city kids tend to be the most outgoing, most enthusiastic and most confident people out there. And that confidence? It’s not reserved for the elementary years. That confidence runs deep, and will no doubt be a major plus as they move through high school, college and beyond—bonus!


#4. How to conquer their fears
Whether it’s big dogs, trying new foods or diving off the deep end—literally—city kids know how to take a deep breath and get it DONE. Maybe it’s part of the mixing and mingle piece, or maybe there’s something about being exposed to so much just by living in the boroughs. Either way, our kids are always the first to raise their hand, sink their teeth in or hop to the front of the line, even if it’s a completely new and different experience.


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