About Maya Konig

Maya spent her early childhood in Oklahoma City and then moved in the middle of elementary school to the Boston suburbs.  After graduating from the George Washington University with a BBA in Marketing and Tourism and Hospitality, she returned to the Boston area and started her career in the sales/events division of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. She later relocated to New York City for her husband’s job, and became one of Starwood’s top-producing Account Directors. After her first child was born and navigating new parenthood in the city, she realized her family needed more space and made the tough decision to move her family to the suburbs.  

With multiple moves under her belt, Maya fully understands the importance of finding the right place to call “home.”  She has lived in both Westchester and Fairfield Counties with her three very active children (ages 4, 7 and 9) and has learned all about the different lifestyles and personalities in the various communities in both areas. Having experienced the challenges firsthand of moving to a suburb that wasn’t the right long term fit for her family, Maya is now passionate about helping other city families find the right place for them to settle into and ease the transition of moving to the suburbs.  As one of the NYC Strategists, Maya loves getting to know her clients and helping them find the town where they can plant their roots and create a new life for their family.